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2024-2025 Summer Reading

Rising Kindergarten-5th Grade

The following books are suggested summer reading for rising Kindergarten-5th grade students. We encourage all families to prioritize reading with their children over the summer and throughout the school year. Experts agree that children who read during the summer months gain reading skills while those who do not often slide backwards. Choose books from the following list or share some of your personal favorites. Children should read for at least 20 minutes each day.

A general rule for selecting books at the appropriate reading level: choose a page and ask your child to read it aloud. If he or she does not know more than five words on the page, the book may be too difficult for them to read independently. Don’t let that discourage you - consider reading a “too difficult” book aloud to your child. Your child is never too old to enjoy being read to. This opens the door for quality time and interesting conversations.

Rising 6th-10th Grade

Rising 6th-10th graders are encouraged to read multiple books over the summer, with one required book per grade.  Students will be participating in Socratic discussions focused on the required summer reading during the first week of school.

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