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We provide breakfast and lunch to all of our students for free! Breakfast is served from 7:00am-7:50am every morning in the Cafetorium.​  Students can bring their own lunch OR get school lunch provided by our vendor, Whitson's Culinary Group


To see the monthly menus for each campus, please  CLICK HERE and type "Jacksonville" into the search bar.  FD Meal Planner provides easy access to school menu information anytime, from any mobile device or PC. Menus are interactive, allowing you to build your own meals in order to view custom nutritional and allergen information. 


Adult Meal Purchasing Directions:

If you would like to purchase an Adult Meal from the school cafeteria (ex. breakfast/lunch), please see the directions below.


1. Set up a separate MySchoolBucks account under your adult/parent/guardian name.  You will NOT use your child's MSB account. Additionally, the school does not take cash or credit cards for meal purchasing so you will NOT be able to purchase an Adult Meal on campus without this separate account.  


2.  Add funds to your adult/parent/guardian MSB account.  You will NOT be able to purchase an Adult Meal without funds in your account at the time of service.


3.  The kitchen manager will charge your MSB adult/parent/guardian account when you go through the cafeteria meal line.


For additional MSB support, please reach out to or the parent helpline at 1-855-832-5226.


Also note: MSB Meal Account balances may require a couple of hours to process and update to reflect remaining funds.

Adult Meal Prices:

Breakfast: $3.00

Lunch:  $5.00

Additional Food Service Documents:

Food Service Policy

Wellness Policy Checklist - Riverside Campus

Wellness Policy Checklist - Fort Caroline Campus

Sanitation Food Service Inspection Report - Riverside Campus

Sanitation Food Service Inspection Reports - Fort Caroline Campus


Sanitation Certificate - Riverside Campus

Sanitation Certificate - Fort Caroline Campus


Group Care Certification - Riverside Campus

Group Care Certification - Fort Caroline Campus

School Nutrition

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