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About Jacksonville Classical Academy

Welcome to Jacksonville Classical Academy! 

Jacksonville Classical Academy (JXC) was founded in 2018 by Ambassador John Rood (Ret). His passion for literacy and the future of Jacksonville children inspired him to start this noble endeavor by creating an incredible school. JXC is a tuition-free public charter school. The school's classical education model offers students a sound curriculum based on the traditions of the liberal arts and sciences, with instruction in the principles of moral character and civic virtue.  For parents that are seeking a traditional approach to education in a challenging and inspirational environment, JXC is the perfect place.


JXC has two campuses in Jacksonville, FL. The Riverside campus is located near downtown Jacksonville and close to I-95 at 2043 Forest Street. The Fort Caroline campus is located in Arlington at 5900 Fort Caroline Road.

Our classical model charter school, Jacksonville Classical Academy (Riverside campus), opened in the Fall of 2020 and our Fort Caroline campus opened two year later in the Fall of 2022.  During its first year, the Riverside campus served Kindergarten through 6th grade students and opened with approximately 500 students, selected by random lottery. Grades have been added each year and will continue to do so until we reach Preschool-12th grades with a total capacity of approximately 1,200 students.  The Fort Caroline campus served Kindergarten through 5th grade its first year and opened with approximately 200 students selected by random lottery. Grades have been added each year and will continue to do so until we reach Preschool-8th grades with a total capacity of approximately 800 students.  Fort Caroline campus students will attend 9th-12th grades at the Riverside campus.

Jacksonville Classical Academy equips students with a classical liberal arts and sciences education that cultivates virtuous living, civic responsibility, and a deep appreciation of the history of Western Civilization.This commitment is tantamount to preserving liberty and self-government in our community, state, and nation. As such, the United States Constitution serves as the bedrock of the Academy’s mission.​ The founding board members saw a distinct need for a publicly-funded classical education option in our community.

As a charter school, created by the Florida legislature and sponsored by Duval County Public Schools (DCPS), JXC meets this need by offering classical education to all families in the community, regardless of socioeconomic status, prior academic performance of the student or personal circumstance. 

To accomplish our mission, and help improve student learning and academic achievement, JXC is guided by the classical philosophy of education in all subject areas. It is our job to increase learning opportunities for all students, with special emphasis on reading. To accomplish this, classes in reading, math, the humanities, science, and the arts are grounded in several research-based curricula/programs.


These include the Core Knowledge Sequence, which is a research-based curriculum using a specific, grade-by-grade learning order; Orton Gillingham-based literacy program developed by Access Literacy; Singapore Math, a conceptual approach to mathematical skill building and problem solving; and science with a hands-on approach to scientific inquiry and an emphasis on fundamentals.

High school students will follow a classical course sequence, including four years of history, literature, mathematics, and science; three years of a world language; and a semester each of government, economics, and moral philosophy.

Learn the true. Do the good. Love the beautiful.

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