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Mission Statement

The mission of Jacksonville Classical Academy is to train the minds and improve the hearts of young people through a classical education in the liberal arts and sciences, with instruction in the principles of moral character and civic virtue.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to have a citizenry worthy of the legacy of our country’s founders and the continuation of our American experiment, developed through a classical, great-books curriculum designed to engage the student in the highest matters and the deepest questions of truth, justice, virtue, and beauty.


Learn the true. Do the good. Love the beautiful.


Courage: We will do the right thing even when it's unpopular or difficult.

Courtesy: We will be polite, use manners, and maintain a positive attitude in all of our daily interactions.

Honesty: We will speak the truth and act truthfully with others and myself.

Perseverance: We will be persistent in our efforts despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

Self-Government: We will use self-control in our actions and our interactions with others.

Service: We will seek to help others through my words and deeds.

Responsibility: We will do our duty and accept the consequences of our actions. 

Our Purpose

Jacksonville Classical Academy (JXC) exists to create a community of students who will develop to become well-rounded, lifelong learners with a passion for academic excellence and will receive academically-rigorous training in the core subjects to build a foundation of thorough knowledge. 

The school uses time-tested pedagogical methods to give young people the knowledge their minds crave and the discipline that calls forth the best in them. 

JXC is dedicated to the universal, eternal truths, that humankind has searched for since the dawn of time. Its scholars will step into an intellectual tradition that dates back millennia.


Students will survey the great books, thoughts, theories, and principles that have been discovered across the world and learn to determine for themselves what values and beliefs they will subscribe to and defend.  Students will be challenged to master the foundational disciplines of math, science, literature, and history, but they will also pursue knowledge and experience in art, music, language, culture, logic, and rhetoric. Together, these pursuits will bolster their understanding of the fundamental building blocks of human inquiries into truth, itself.


On top of this foundation, students will learn to discover the ethical underpinnings and philosophies that inform scientific, mathematical, and other discoveries of universal truth. Lessons will highlight virtues and moral principles to train students, the nation’s future leaders, to understand their civic duty so they may one day offer their very best to our country.

Graduates of JXC will have a strong sense of responsibility, a deep knowledge of the academic subjects, and a well-honed passion for learning and pursuing the truth, goodness and beauty in any and all future endeavors.

Jacksonville Classical Academy aims to create a generation of well-educated, lifelong learners who will look back on their years in grade school with fondness for the academic discipline and hard-won knowledge they gained.


These will be the leaders and workers of tomorrow who will guide our country and our society into a rapidly-changing future. By giving them the tools and the confidence to confront tomorrow’s challenges, our school can do its small part toward ensuring a fairer, better future for the United States and the world.

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