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At Jacksonville Classical Academy, we embrace the time-honored tradition of classical education. Our curriculum is a meticulously crafted journey that engages students in the rich tapestry of knowledge, emphasizing the trivium of grammar, logic, and rhetoric. Rooted in the wisdom of the past, our classical approach cultivates critical thinking, eloquent expression, and a deep appreciation for the humanities. At JXC, we foster a love of learning that extends beyond the classroom, preparing students not only for academic excellence but also for a lifetime of intellectual curiosity and pursuit. 

At JXC, we understand that literacy is the cornerstone of academic success, and our classical approach to education places a strong emphasis on the systematic teaching of phonics. Rooted in the science of reading, our program equips students with the foundational skills necessary for decoding words, fostering a lifelong love for literature and critical thinking.  During literacy instruction, the beauty of language meets the precision of phonics, unlocking the door to a world of knowledge and empowering students to become confident and proficient readers.  Please take a few minutes to watch the video below for more information about our literacy program.

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