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(Main and East)

missing-Student ID-5.jpg

Mrs. Lindsay Hoyt

Executive Director

missing-Student ID-11.jpg

Mr. Nick Barker


missing-Student ID-10.jpg

Mrs. Danielle Crain

Director of Student Services

missing-Student ID-70.jpg

Mrs. Lancy Hinson

Preschool Director

missing-Student ID-9.jpg

Brice Carmichael

Director of Facilities

missing-Student ID-6.jpg

Ms. Kate Richardson

Compliance Coordinator

missing-Student ID-7.jpg

Mrs. Courtney Hughes

Director of Student Life

St. John-55870-JCA-FY2023-PoloLogo_White (1).png

Mr. Joe Kleiner

IT Director

St. John-55870-JCA-FY2023-PoloLogo_White (1).png

Ms. Sydnee Larsen

Executive Assistant

missing-Student ID-8.jpg

Ms. Becca Palmer

Marketing Manager

missing-Student ID-12.jpg

Mr. Justin Smith

Athletic Director


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